daf ink sketches


those are the daily random speed paints I did before I started the DRSP blog




Topic: WISE AUTUMN (the first rough painter sketch)

WISE AUTUMN (final overworked version)

Wurzel-Lurch step 1

Pájaros de la Muerte; Accumulation

Just some stuff that wasn't worth uploading singularily

Conehead speedpaint
Los Pájaros de la Muerte - Autumn Infection (DRSP)

meta seva

meta b-day speedpaint present to the front man of phantom's

(E/ wtf @ quality Oo )

More... art(?!)

"... guuuuys >.<

you have to post more art >D"

You asked for it... random speedie

Very random blargh. Values aren't really nice or anything... also, there's a whole too much going on in the center^^ Tried out some different stuff though, so that's what I paid most attention to.

Listening to Kill Bil Vol. 1 Soundtrack (Meiko Kaji-さんが だいすき!!! <3333)

ink RAGE

... guuuuys >.< you have to post more art >D

okay whatever, had an ink blast because I found this awesome piece of paper and had some ink-lust.

/E: this was my first full ink work >]

listening to: Dornenreich

(photo-quality is crap)
Konstantinos Poupaks aka Stryke


Cuz Master told me the blog was missing the SU²... (or at least one of the two SU's)

*e just corrected shadows a bit, since it was bothering me


waterfall week (ms)

yeah, participated in sandros theme-week.
a bit late.. so only 5 speedies :P

E/ just noticed, that sandro himself did not participate. lol

Konstantinos Poupaks aka Stryke

DRSP - stone control

daily random speed paint 1



this time shall be different !!! HAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!

fire giant

Konstantinos Poupaks aka Stryke

Hand and Slayer

I should do a lot more of these hand sketches. If I do, I'll upload them as a compilation some time...

And just another one of those strange sketches...

samhain selfportrait