My Last Post

This is my last post here. I will continue on my personal blog

All the Best

Red Anomaly

90% acrylics with a bit of digital overpaint

(I really should start a personal blog, lol)

46175 Cards

speedpaint collab

speedy collab with zeitwolf

keeper of the light

photoshop crashes. crappy screenshot saved.. pixel and fuck.

hail to the fail.

experimental stuffs

welcome to the wasteland of art :D

phoenix for dorothea

the free commission for the girl, that clicked the 300th like on my fb-page
experimental painter-paint


what dreams may come

creation and destruction

experimental ps speedy

just doing what I don't do usually

and overtaking the blog :D :D

Konstantinos Poupaks aka Stryke

first real painting with photoshop

dunno if ps is really that advantageous for me (painting)..
I had the hope, that the quality and sharpness is better with photoshop, since the brushes are cleaner.
from functions it is better than gimp of course.

Konstantinos Poupaks aka Stryke

Randum herpderp - Life signs

random nordic guy

beginning of a sketch for CHOW (zodiac signs, fish)
Guys, you should totally check out next week. Lot's of awesomesauce!

cybernetic candy

just found this one in my speedpaint folder.. it's from early february

Konstantinos Poupaks aka Stryke

some new stuff, or not exactly..

some Enrage stuff, have much more but im to lazy to search for my usb-cable


enjoying the first sun after the very long gray winter ..on a walk

composition fail though

first 80% of my painting progress / work flow

find stream here: aeronyzedstream

find the finished painting here: [LINK]

Konstantinos Poupakis aka Stryke



experimental speedy..

yeah the skin is watercorpse like somehow ... dunno
That Fucking Tank: 'Mr Blood' from JakoMat on Vimeo.

ich dachte, jemand hier könnte Gefallen daran finden ;) 


I was like.. hey there is this old calendar.. let's fuckin slice it!



beast ambush - 5 minutes

Empathie - 11 minutes

quick 11minutes tonal experiment. yes , anatomy isnt perfect.

new years eve

(Guten Rutsch Leute!)


I love you guys (:

hope we have a
successful, creative, productive and awesome 2011!


spontaneous speedy 1h + ?

Konstantinos Poupaks aka Stryke

10 minutes freak

scrapfart from early 2010 (stryke)

some part of an illustration I did once

some shitty experiment

speedysheet, some experimental stuff I did with sandro (every one, one sheet)

some frustfick speedy - topic mutation or something

speed-entry for the CHOW (dreamguard)

some fast painter speedy to relax (I personally like it a lot)

old scrapfarts from the graveyards

Viking Progress

Final here: LINK

Japan, Kami: The Gods of Shinto

random empress

quallen nebula

rushed animalstudies

all studies between 30 seconds and 5 minutes tonight, so no big rendershow .

lol, painting with muro sux.