samhain sketch

die hölle ist BUUUUUNT

skitze für core.


(the first fast doodle)

finally found a brush in corel painter that is what I really need now ♥

The Incident - 01 The Avatar

Style Preview of "The Incident"

01: The Avatar
Firewalls. Breakthrough. Search. Information. Download. Volatile. Out.

More Brainfart

Practicing to draw anatomy, poses and stuff from my mind. Movement and perspective are pretty tricky as well... AND I should study some hands, for sure ~.~

Style's kind of differrent again.

and it does seem static nevertheless.


the guard

experimental stuff

coretrag speedconcept

/EDIT: love it!


Jean Giraud Moebius

one of the most influental scifi-artists of our times, one of my earliest (and constant) influences.
“I have been impressed and affected by Moebius's keen and unusual sense of design and the distinctive way in which he depicts the fantastic.”
George Lucas: Paul Gravett: Graphic Novels. Stories to change your life. Collins Design, New York 2005, S. 90

he is also on good terms with hayao miyazaki and his work at stan lee's silversurfer is legendary.

anyone surprised ?

AE stickers

yap. giving them away everywhere I can.


Just some sketches without reference... once again, a different approach.

Wanted to see if I can manage to get the anatomy at least somewhat right, and tried to get a less static feeling from the poses.


CHOW 218

Turned into a big "meh" eventually...

well, nevermind. For the most part, I enjoyed painting it^^


elfthingy 2

did not find much time for this one, there is so much to do. but generel idea is down,
I will add plants and anatomic correction later on @-@
hellrider makes progress as well =)


Daily speedpaint. I don't even know how I ended up with this :D


strong need to fuck sandro's original up >D



random brainstorm



spaceship week

core guardian mammal specimentyp with typical clothing 3



I think I will add some strange glow into the torsoball :D quick sketch. step 1

Conceptualizing: Chow 218

Decided to participate in this week's CHOW - topic is "The Lady Of The Lake" - as well (hope I'll get to finish this time :D)
I wanted to go about painting with a new approach, which means 1. I actually do some sketching and not just take whatever design first comes to mind and 2. I do my sketches as little b&w value studies and not as drawings/scribbles :]

So here are the three sketches I came up with:

Serene Lady of the Lake
The Lady's bestowal of Excalibur
Nimue, Lady of the Lake, Guardian of the Sword

Good night~

Lauch schnibbln

Scrapped CHOW-entry und Ogre

Done for CHOW #217, "The Underground Tribe". Didn't really know the deadline and it turned out I pretty much startet when the contest just ended :D

Yesterday's evening doodle

Gilded Head

Yesterday's evening doodle/practice...
Without ref, obviously. I suck at anatomy and colours so I need to do this kinda stuff^^



A warm-up sketch from about 1 week ago


girl doodle


meta 6scape

yeah, one of my meta humans, just changing from stealth modus to normal.

background: 6scape. hi-tec architecture inspired by female shapes (:

pretty unusual technique/style for me in this one I find.


Going to Croatia now =)

Farewell doodle *g

traitor and sweets

practicing digital drawing. no zoom in or reference, just free doodle in short time.