Conceptualizing: Chow 218

Decided to participate in this week's CHOW - topic is "The Lady Of The Lake" - as well (hope I'll get to finish this time :D)
I wanted to go about painting with a new approach, which means 1. I actually do some sketching and not just take whatever design first comes to mind and 2. I do my sketches as little b&w value studies and not as drawings/scribbles :]

So here are the three sketches I came up with:

Serene Lady of the Lake
The Lady's bestowal of Excalibur
Nimue, Lady of the Lake, Guardian of the Sword

Good night~

1 comment:

  1. veeery good use of the three main values. bravo.

    I personally like the third one most, golden cut + great shape..
    the other ones are too symmetric

    zum dritten: ich würd das ganze noch bisschen drehen, damit links die abstände nicht gleichmäßig sind, falls du weißt was ich meine.