new years eve

(Guten Rutsch Leute!)


I love you guys (:

hope we have a
successful, creative, productive and awesome 2011!


spontaneous speedy 1h + ?

Konstantinos Poupaks aka Stryke

10 minutes freak

scrapfart from early 2010 (stryke)

some part of an illustration I did once

some shitty experiment

speedysheet, some experimental stuff I did with sandro (every one, one sheet)

some frustfick speedy - topic mutation or something

speed-entry for the CHOW (dreamguard)

some fast painter speedy to relax (I personally like it a lot)

old scrapfarts from the graveyards

Viking Progress

Final here: LINK

Japan, Kami: The Gods of Shinto

random empress

quallen nebula

rushed animalstudies

all studies between 30 seconds and 5 minutes tonight, so no big rendershow .

lol, painting with muro sux.

speedpainting (...)

I feel...

sorry for being inactive in the world of visual arts =_=
quick colourpractice to get back into rage =w=